"How to Choose the Song for Your First Dance at Your Cancun Wedding?"

Choosing the first dance song for your wedding is a personal matter and there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the perfect song. The first dance should be a song that you both love and that holds a special meaning for you. Also, remember that the first dance is a highlight of your wedding and a very personal moment. With that in mind, here are five important tips to help make the process of choosing your first dance song quick, easy, and overall, enjoyable.

  1. First Point: The song should have an average duration of 3 minutes. A long song can be tiring for you and your guests. For example, "All I Want is You" by U2 is over 7 minutes long. Also, it's important to remember that if you're not used to dancing, a long song can make you sweat on the dance floor. In my experience as a photographer, I've seen that most couples choose songs that are really short, so you should choose a song that lasts around 3 minutes, although there are also short songs that last 2 minutes.
  2. Second Point: Read and understand the lyrics of the song and pay extra attention if the song is in English. When choosing the perfect song for your first dance, you should take into account the lyrics of the song. Many times, we listen to songs that we like because of the rhythm and the feeling they transmit, but they may not be the most appropriate to choose as your first dance song. For example, "Angels" by Robbie Williams is one of the most popular songs among many couples, but if you read the lyrics, there's a part where it says "and when love is dead" which is not appropriate for a couple that has just consummated their love by getting married. So, make sure you know the lyrics of the song well.
  3. Third Point: Choose a song that means something to you. Songs always bring to mind memories of something we've lived through. For example, for me, the song "Open Arms" by the band Journey holds a special place in my heart because my wife dedicated it to me when we were dating and we danced to it at our wedding. It holds a special memory for us. However, there are also songs that are sung poems and that the lyrics can mean something special to you. For example, "Solamente tu" by Pablo Alborán or "Disfruto" by Carla Morrison are songs that have beautiful lyrics. Especially if you want to have your wedding in Cancun, Mexico, it would be interesting to have a song in Spanish, that's why I recommend these songs that have beautiful lyrics for your Cancun wedding

Choose a song that means something to you

4. Fourth Point: Consult with others. It's always useful to ask other people about possible first dance songs for weddings. A dance instructor will probably suggest a song that is easy to dance to, or a DJ might recommend a popular song. A friend may suggest songs that you like. Think about several options and then decide which song you both really like. Usually, most wedding couples end up with an average of two possible first dance songs. It's also worth considering songs performed by more than one artist or band.

5.Fifth Point: Be different. In the various weddings I've covered throughout Mexico, I've seen hundreds of first dances from the couple. But I'll tell you about two that were very fun and different. The first was a wedding at Moon Palace Riviera Maya, the couple started dancing to "I'll Stand by You" in the version of Kaiak and turned off the lights in the room, and only the candles on the tables and the lights of the cell phones were visible with a guide light for the couple and as halfway through the song they switched to something completely different with a lively remix, the lights turned on and everyone started screaming. The second was at a wedding in Comitan, Chiapas where the first dance was with the band surrounding the couple and playing live the song "Solo Con Verte" by Banda MS. This is so Mexican.

As you can see, there are no rules, your imagination is the limit. I recommend some songs that may like and be the first step in your search, scan the QR code to see my list on Spotify, especially for your wedding in Cancun.

Finding a special song for your wedding should be fun and enjoyable. The most fun is that you will enjoy dancing more to a song that you both like and means something to both of you, as it will make you both connect and forget about those who are watching and shine for the great love you have for each other. And don't forget to enjoy your Cancun wedding.

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