¡Hola I`m Víctor!

I'm a Cancun destination wedding photographer, my wife Sara and I work together, to preserve the best moments of your wedding and this is my family.

Honest Bohemian Real

Victor Herrera located in Mexico- Available for travel

Wedding Photography for Bohemian Couples Who Embrace Unfussy Elegance

You know it’s not always the perfect moments that make the biggest’s the perfectly imperfect tidbits of time that catch you off-guard. It's those unexpected moments you realize, years later, that will mean the most to you. As you stay present in the hours that make up your wedding day, I’ll be the one to catch all those fleeting times. that you may be too busy to notice.




You're someone who knows what they want...

Timeless images that allow you to remember it all, without sacrificing the chance to experience it all

Elegant portraits, your guests having the time of their lives, and moments - big and small

Naturally joyous photos that celebrate the intimacy and emotion of the day

Because for you, it's not about getting the most images of your day, it's about getting the right ones.

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Capture the best moments of your wedding so that even time can't erase them

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I am filled with emotion seeing you here, in a moment so special in your life.

Cancun Wedding Photographer Victor Herrera

Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer